During my time at Pfizer, I met some pretty awesome people who were passionate about the work they were doing, which made for an enjoyable time getting to learn how a professional team works.

I worked with a small design team to create mostly internal applications for mobile (primarily iOS), tablet, and browser, for other teams within the company. Some work was started in "hackathons" and design studios with people from those teams to clearly identify their needs and necessary features for the application. Further design and prototyping would continue in the following weeks. I worked with programs like Sketch and Proto.io to create vibrant prototypes with some examples of functionality.

Designing in Sketch was primarily for pixel-perfect mockups done on the 8-point grid.

For obvious reasons I can't showcase internal applications and other information, but feel free to reach out if you want to know more about my time at Pfizer or talk to my reference, Gina Charalambides.

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